CEL 601 CEL 601 AA CEL 650 CEL 619 CEL 642/1310 CEL 646D/1410 ADI 60810 ADI 70310 Sensortronics 65058 Keli QS – A ADI 90210 ADI 90410 Flintec RC3 ADI 60610 NMB BCL CEL 605X CEL 611 CEL 803 ADI 30510 ADI 90610M
ADI 90610T
Precision & Lab Balnace Table Top Scale Platform Scale Crane Scale Weigh Bridge

Indicator 45

Weight Indicator PCB Type RTC (7135) PCB Type 574 PCB Type 1230 PCB Jewellery 5532 Filling Machine Moving Display

Load Cells

"PERK", ADI, Green Label, Keli, Zemic, IPA, Tedea, Flintec, Vishay - Sensortronics, NMB
Weighing PCB
7135 Based, 574 Based, 5460 Based, 5532 Based, 1230 Based.
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In the year 1990 , young dynamic engineer started a company Concept Electronics in Mumbai at Shalimar Industrial Estate - Matunga.

This was a time when a Revolution was needed in an Electronic Weighing Scale Industry where all the Scales were either Imported or They were based on low ended Microcontrollers.

Today Concept Electronics Is a Multi-Product Multi-Technology Divisions. From the small consulting Engineering, we have today a modern factory centrally located in an Industrial Complex just 8 kms from the Mumbai Air Port.

Load Cell & PCB
Weighing Scale
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