Weighing Scale
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Electronic Weigh Bridges
We manufacture pit-less or pit type weigh bridges as per space availability at site. While pit-less model enjoys the benefits of less civil work, easy maintenance & no water logging problems, pit type model requires less space & has the benefit of free vehicle movement.
Features :
  • Capacity available upto 150 ton
  • Load cells are hermetically sealed to NEMA 6 / IP68 standards
  • Micro controller based circuitry for fast operation
  • Self diagnosis mode
  • Automatic Calibration Check
  • Password Security
  • IBM key board interface
  • RS 232C / RS 485 / RS 422 port for computer interface
Axle Weigh Bridges

In axle weigh bridges, there is a small platform ( 2 m x 3 m ) on which axles of the vehicle are weighed one by one. Weight of all the axles is then added to give total weight of the vehicle.

This weigh bridge finds application in stone crushers or to weigh less costly materials where economy rather than accuracy is of prime importance.

This weigh bridge is an accurate weighing system which can weigh any type of vehicle regardless of its length or the no. of axles it has.

When a vehicle moves across the platform at slow speed & front axle stops on it for a moment, the electronics waits for the axle weight to become steady and then catches this weight into memory. It has a light, which goes off when the weight has been captured so that the driver knows when to move to the next axle. After that, each axle is weighted and its weight is stored in memory to give the total weight of the vehicle.

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