Load Cell
  Transducers >> ADI 30510
 0.5 Tf to 7.5 Tf capacities load cells are offered for rope tension ranging from 1 Tf to 50 Tf
 Complete environmental protection IP-65 class.
 Standard output 1.0mV/V available
 can be provided to accommodate multirope applications - up to 4 ropes
  Elevator load monitor
 Specially designed for protecting cranes and hoists from overload.
 Tension measurement in stay ropes, suspension ropes and railway catenary ropes.
 Vehicle pull test.
 Ship Bollard pull test.
 This is used in industrial applications where the tension in wire rope needs to be carefully and continuously    monitored and prevent overload.
 The load cell is conveniently clamped-on to the rope in existing condition.
 Designed to handle rope dia from 8mm to 80mm.
Performance Specification
Standard Capacities 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7.5
Excitation Voltage 10 VDC- Maximum 15 VDC
Nominal Output 1 m V/ V
Non - Linearity < ±5.0% FSO for range upto 20%
< ±2.0% FSO for range above 20%
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