Load Cell
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Rated load: 3~40(kg)                        Precision: C2
Wiring Scheme :
Red + (Input +) White - (Output -) Black - (Input -) Green + (Output +)
It uses 4-core shielded cable (f3×420mm). The length of the cable can be adjusted according to clients' request, but we suggest to use this standard length to ensure the output precision.
Load Instruction :
Dimension (mm) :

This product is customised based on CZL 605E. Refer to CZL 605E for dimensional diagram.
Size: 110x33x6(mm) Thread hole: 4-M3

  Aluminum-alloy ; Colourless anodized ; Hermetically sealed with glue to IP65
  Electronic counting Scale, platform scale etc.
Performance Specification
Comprehensive error: 0.02%F.S
Insulation resistance: ≥5000MΩ(100VDC)
Rated output: 1.6 ±0.1mv/v
Excitation voltage: 9VDC~12VDC
Non-linearity: 0.03%F.S
Compensated temp.range: -10℃~+40℃
Hysteresis: 0.03%F.S
Use temp.range: -20~+60℃
Repeatability: 0.02%F.S
Temp.effect on zero: 0.03%F.S/10℃
Creep: 0.02%F.S/10min
Temp.effect on span:  0.02F.S/10℃
Zero balance: ±1%F.S
Safe overload: 120%
Input resistance: 405 ±5Ω
Ultimate overload: 150%
Output resistance: 350±3Ω
Defense class: IP65
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